New Age Healing

A blog designed to provide alternative therapy to those with mental illness.

"I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people ... to me, that's what the emerging game is all about." - Ram Dass

The Donor: Luis and Mary Navas and friends

The Gift: $2-million

The Cause: Donating a house in Florida for use by families with autistic children

The Reason: To give these families a place to get away

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I am thinking about having a specialized topic for each day and posting a few articles about it.  Is there anything specific you’d like to read about?

Crystals, Chakras, Meditation, Aromatheraphy, Self Improvement?

Any of those tickle your fancy? Any other topics?

I’ve got a better idea of what I’d like to do with this blog now.  You may see some changes coming. I hope you like them!

If you’ve stayed with me, I appreciate you.  In my absence, I like to think I’ve gotten better at being. I’ve got dreams that I’m working on achieving and I am excited. We’ll talk about all that later.


I long to escape the prison of my ego and lose myself in you.